Statement on the House Subcommittee Markup of the FY2013 SFOPS Appropriations Bill


Statement from Mark Isaac, Interim President of Friends of the Global Fight, on the House Subcommittee
Markup of the FY2013 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill

Washington, D.C., May 9, 2012 — Today, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs approved its FY2013 bill, which includes $8 billion for global health programs, of which $5.54 billion is for State Department global health programs, including PEPFAR and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. These critical global health programs received the same amount as last year’s final level, signaling the Subcommittee’s commitment to supporting lifesaving work on the ground around the world.

With special thanks to Chairman Kay Granger (R-TX) and Ranking Member Nita Lowey (D-NY), Friends of the Global Fight applauds the Subcommittee for prioritizing global health. The bipartisan leadership of Chairman Granger and Ranking Member Lowey on this issue makes clear that, even in a difficult economic environment, confidence in our global health investments remains high on both sides of the aisle.

The Global Fund is the world’s most powerful tool in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. As such, it has set the gold standard in openness, transparency, and the efficient and effective use of resources. Under the leadership of a new General Manager, Gabriel Jaramillo, the Global Fund has undergone significant improvements to transform itself from an emergency response into a long-term, sustainable financing mechanism, allowing it to save even more lives in the years ahead.

In the past decade, the Global Fund has grown to support programs in 150 countries around the world, which save more than 100,000 lives per month and improve countless more. U.S. leadership has been absolutely critical to this success: For each dollar the U.S. provides, the Global Fund leverages more than $2 from other donors.

And by working hand in hand with U.S. bilateral programs — such as PEPFAR and the President’s Malaria Initiative — the Global Fund maximizes the impact of U.S. taxpayer dollars. These partnerships have become critical and highly successful collaborations in the field. This bill acknowledges the close cooperation of PEPFAR, PMI and the Global Fund by ensuring that both multilateral and bilateral programs receive strong funding.

The programs in this bill provide assistance for the poorest and most vulnerable, demonstrate

U.S. leadership, and enhance security and stability, yet account for less than 1% of the budget. As the bill moves through the House and Senate, we strongly urge Members of Congress to continue to protect these high-impact investments that are working and to do everything possible to fulfill the landmark U.S. pledge of $4 billion over three years — a pledge that will help ensure a healthier, safer and more productive world for all of us.


Friends of the Global Fight works to end the worldwide burden of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. We educate, engage and mobilize U.S. decision makers to support the Global Fund, the world’s largest public health financier. For more information about Friends of the Global Fight, visit


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