Focus on Universal Health Coverage

Universal health coverage aims to ensure that everyone, everywhere can access quality health services without suffering financial hardship. It strives to remove barriers to health, and to improve affordability, access and quality of health systems. The Global Fund makes major contributions to universal health coverage by expanding access to essential health services, with a strong focus on HIV, TB and malaria.



Policy Brief: What is Replenishment

As the world’s largest public health financier, the Global Fund undertakes a “replenishment” effort once every three years to secure funding pledges from donors, allowing for forward planning in the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. This brief explains the replenishment process, and looks at key messages ahead of the Fifth Replenishment in 2016.




Policy Brief: The Global Fund & U.S. Bilateral Partners

The Global Fund was designed to pursue its mission through a partnership model, relying on local leaders, bilateral organizations, the private sector, technical partners, civil society organizations and advocates of public health, all of whom are essential to continued success. This paper highlights the different roles and responsibilities — as well as the shared goals and priorities — of the Global Fund and its U.S. bilateral partners.