November 19, 2015 Newsletter

  • The Global Fund Executive Director’s Report
  • New Strategy Framework
  • Collaboration with Partners, including Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
  • Focus on Women and Girls
  • Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Update

November 5, 2015 Newsletter

  • The Global Fund and USAID’s Tuberculosis Programs – Combating Tuberculosis Together
  • World Health Organization Report Shows Tuberculosis is the World’s Leading Infectious Killer

October 22, 2015 Newsletter

  • The Global Fund and the President’s Malaria Initiative – Working Together to Eliminate Malaria
  • Friends of the Global Fight Hosts Webinar on Malaria in the Time of Ebola
  • Economist Article on Opportunities and Challenges in Malaria Elimination

October 2, 2015 Newsletter

  • Global Fund Partnership Has Saved 17 Million Lives — On Track to Save 22 Million
  • Global Fund Launches Fifth Voluntary Replenishment Effort; Japan Hosting Preparatory Meeting
  • Global Fund Applauds the Adoptions of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • World Halts and Reverses Incidence of Malaria; Meets MDG Goal

July 23, 2015 Newsletter

  • Global Fund Mid-Year Results Demonstrate Strong Progress in Fight Against Three Diseases
  • UNAIDS Report: World Exceeds MDG 6 Goal of Halting and Reversing the Spread of HIV
  • New Kaiser Family Foundation Report: Global Fund Increasingly the Channel for HIV Funding
  • Global Fund Works with Partners to Establish Stronger Links Between Health and Education

July 9, 2015 Newsletter

  • Senate Appropriations Committee Approves FY 2016 State Department Funding Bill
  • Red Nose Day USA Raises $1.15 million for Global Fund
  • Study Shows Investments in Child Health Have Saved 34 Million Lives since 2000

June 11, 2015 Newsletter

  • House Appropriations Committee Approves FY 2016 State Department Funding Bill
  • Friends Staff Visit Global Fund Sites in Senegal

May 8, 2015 Newsletter

  • Global Fund Executive Director, Dr. Mark Dybul, Testifies at Senate Hearing on Global Health
  • Budget and Appropriations Process Progresses
  • Friends Invites You to Celebrate Red Nose Day-USA

April 24, 2015 Newsletter

  • Friends joins United Methodist Church to Host World Malaria Day event on Capitol Hill
  • Former President George W. Bush receives Malaria No More’s Global Leadership Award
  • PMI releases its Ninth Annual Report to Congress
  • Global Fund Net Campaign focuses on Universal Coverage in Niger

April 9, 2015 Newsletter

  • The Global Fund’s 33rd Board Meeting
  • Global Fund Board Selects New Board Chair and Vice Chair
  • Global Fund Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
  • Update on Resource Mobilization and Preparations for Upcoming Fifth Replenishment

March 26, 2015 Newsletter

  • Friends’ President, Deb Derrick, Testifies Before the House Appropriations Committee
  • Japan to Host Key Global Fund Meeting
  • Global Fund and Friends Commemorate World Tuberculosis Day
  • Global Fund Continues Focus on Women and Girls
  • Honduras Aims for Malaria Elimination

March 5, 2015 Newsletter

  • Friends’ FY 2016 Funding Request for the Global Fund
  • Global Fund Salutes Pope Francis for Supporting World’s Poor
  • Video Spotlights the Global Fund’s Innovation Coalition
  • Global Fund Supports “All In” Initiative to End the AIDS Epidemic among Adolescents

February 20, 2015 Newsletter

  • New Report: Domestic Health Investments in Africa Continue Upward Momentum
  • Engaging the Private Sector
  • Reaching out to High Net-Worth Individuals
  • Upcoming Friends Webinar

February 5, 2015 Newsletter

  • President Obama’s FY 2016 Budget Released
  • Kaiser Family Foundation Survey on Americans’ Views on the U.S. Role in Global Health
  • The Global Fund’s Collaboration and Progress in Fighting HIV/AIDS in Tanzania
  • Dr. Eric Goosby, Former U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, Appointed as the UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis

January 23, 2015 Newsletter

  • Robust Funding in the FY 2015 CR/Omnibus
  • Swaziland, on Track toward Malaria Elimination
  • Global Fund Aid for Syrian Refugees; New Grants for Zambia
  • New Global Fund Inspector General Selected